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parker and brett whinge and the dallas briefs the crew on the situation - alien comic page

Pg.7: Transmission of unknown origin [1982/83?]

Art Notes

Sincerest form of flattery

star wars age 9 comic page

Walter Simmonson - 1979

I've been publishing a page a day this week readers, so that I can get through this better, bonus stuff as quickly as possible; and then return to the nuttier 1979-81 pages.

I tried to get a copy of this HEAVYMETAL adaptation the other day on eBay and failed. There I was, using the old sniping technique - that's where you stick in a higher bid in the closing seconds of the auction before your combatant can retaliate - and boom! I was asked to log-in. Dammit. God knew what I was doing and now he hates me.

Trumpet blowing

I'll blow me own trumpet here... I'm pleased to see how at 13 or 14 years old I was dismantling the novel, my memories of one viewing of the film (which I'd finally just seen) and the godsend Goodwin/Simmonson adaptation; and then: reassembling it my own way. I was extremely impressed with the likenesses that he created of the actors too - and was eager to copy them. Young people, and those who know little of art are always impressed with good likenesses. I'm also very pleasantly surprised by my whispy, cool rendering of Kane's hair in the bottom row, too!

The Layabout Department

star wars age 9 comic page

Welcome to Hell. Montague House, Dublin.

That's what the animation department unkindly called the layout department in the god awful sweatshop animation company that I worked in when I left college. In a few days, my many a year-long love of animation was killed by Ninja Turtles. I bet the layout artists didn't draw characters with one leg longer than the other, and then expect the inbetweeners to make it work.

I went from college with my head and heart full of excitement about animation... into this place. Five mornings a week I would walk around the corner, see Montague House and wish I was dead.

Anyway - look at Parker and Brett there. Kicking back and relaxing. They look like they've got a cushy one - or a state sector job in Ireland! Oh if only I'd known. If only I'd learnt Irish.

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