(Inside the alien 'derelict' or 'Juggernaut' spacecraft, Kane, a member of the Nostromo search team has been attacked by the alien Face-hugger whilst peering in at the egg pod...

1. 'Then to his horror, it exploded outward—he stumbled, the creature clinging to his faceplate, its tail centimetres from his nose.'
2. "Kane? Kane!" shouts a voice in his helmet transceiver. (The face-hugger has penetrated the glass on his helmet and is attached to his face)
3. (Kane stumbles backward, unable to prise the alien creature loose) 'Then he felt its tail, like a fat worm sliding down his throat.' "C'mon Lambert" comes Dallas' voice crackling through the helmet, "Let's haul him up!"

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Like a fat worm—sliding down his throat! [12]

The Last page of Pt.01

"Then he felt it's tail, like a fat worm sliding down his throught."

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Yep, this is the end of part 1. It's funny, I had a feeling - a hope - as I neared the end of Star Wars age 9 that Alien age 11 would be more popular. Sort of cooler, with a more grown-up appeal. Cultish. But it seems now as if Aa11 might be of even less appeal than SWa9! 16 fans on Facebook since the launch on Xmas day, and not many daily visitors. Bit of a flop for all the time that goes into it. SWa9 was a 2 year project. God knows how many unpaid hours I spent on it. This won't be as huge an undertaking, but should I just chuck it in?

Of course not. That's crazy talk.


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But - BUT! this weekend. This weekend dammit - I will - I WILL!!!! - start on my new, original webcomic: <img
Yep. This is it. This is the weekend.

Kane's viewpoint

Interesting this. You read about Kane's awful experience in the book but don't really see much of it in the film. The 12, 13 or 14 year old me just had to get inside Kane's helmet - inside the squishy aqueous jelly of his horror-struck eyeballs.

"The ovoid exploded. Propelled outward by the sudden release of energy contained within the coiled tail, (...) He had a horribly close glimpse of the weaving tube in the centre of the palm, stroking the front of the glass, centimetres from his face."

Novelisation - Alan Dean Foster


For all of this potential for total immersion, Director Ridley, decided to edit fast and tight, just giving us mere glimpses of the horror. Much as JAWS was enhanced by not seeing much of the rubber shark - mainly because of months of tortuous technical problems (the floating turd, they named it) ALIEN was enhanced by Ridley's sparing glimpses of the creatures. When it hangs out of the airlock at the end you can see why.

Jack in the box

medical rubber hose

CGI? Who needs it.

You know, Giger told the team that the egg and facehugger would be the most terrifying Jack-in-the-box ever.. You can see his point. That coiled tail? Scott says they used a length of rubber hose and an air compressor to blast it out.

I love it. Who the hell needs CGI?

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