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Dallas Crawls Along the Air Vent [44]

Artical Notes: Weird Colour

Ooh, more colour. Weird colour. This must have been contemporary with my Battle of the Planets comic. Why? Because it looks like it was same pack of Caran Dache markers I got for Christmas!

"I hope them bums are watching the scanner..."

It was exciting - no doubt - to use a coloured felt-tip pen to do line work too - instead of uniform black or blue biro line and then colour inside of it. It's funny to think that I was drawing a cutesy BotP comic and an ALIEN comic at the same time!

What a pity that I didn't try harder with this page. It got off to a good start but ended halfheartedly.

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Musical Notes!

The music during this scene in the film is incredibly eerie. Couple that with the claustrophobic environment, the grinding sound of the shafts being closed off like giant rusty camera-irises... brilliant. I'm pretty sure that this is a piece of music that was also used by Stanley Kubrick in The Shining (1980). I haven't figured out which one yet. Scott and Kubrick famously shared film footage too. The studio's re-cut of Bladerunner used left over footage of the countryside, from The Shining. It was considered by the studio to be more upbeat than Scott's original dark ending. I saw a commentator remark online that, "If the countryside was that beautiful, why would anyone live in those awful cities?"

The late (great) Jerry Goldsmith seemed pretty bitter about his involvement. Some music that he wrote wasn't used; other music was re-edited; they used a piece he'd written previously for another project; and they retained music clips that they'd grown to love on the temp-track during editing. In fact, the haunting, eerie piece that you hear at the start of the film was a second pass by him after his first opener was refused. He said it was just some stupid 5 minute job that he dashed off - and they loved it.


I think we know what's going to happen next don't we?

More on Wednesday - poor Dallas


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