Concept 2: Medieval Satanic Aliens [1979]

These are the daftest of the lot. To those of you who, like Laura Hudson of, think I've no shame; let me tell you honestly: this is a hard page for me to publish. Because it really is the most cringingly embarrassing one of the lot. Hexagrams? A big wooden arrow? What was I thinking? All I knew of the film was its name and that it was supposed to be great, scary and gruesome.

bonkers alien movie conceptual art

Thank goodness I never showed this to Ridley. Things might have been a lot different.

I guarantee you that I probably saw a Hammer film or read a Dennis Wheatley novel and couldn't tell the difference between a 'Satanic' pentagram and a 'Jewish' hexagram! I certainly WOULDN'T have known what a Star of David was when I was 10. I was pretty culturally and historically ignorant as a kid - in Ireland.

Who knows, maybe they weren't even supposed to be satanic but just spacey - what with the stars an' all?

Once again, don't take the date on the diary too seriously. But this was undoubtedly drawn before I saw my uncle's Giger book. It was an old diary from my dad's work. The S.H.A.D.O. thing was seperate thing on the page to do with the series UFO. My pal John Skehan had picked up a musty old Gerry Anderson's UFO annual at a jumble sale book stall - and I loved it. Of course when I finally saw the series in 1996 thereabouts I realised how good it really wasn't!

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