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Art Notes

Here it is: the 2nd brand new page of my old 1979-82 adaptation. I won't pretend that I think it's brilliant - but it has its moments. The alien in panel 1 just looked a bit silly until Gabby recommended covering some of his upper half - focussing on the teeth. She was right. Anyway - it's all part of the learning experience. I reckon the next one will be fairly awesome. I pencilled it yesterday and hope to ink it tonight and colour and letter it tomorrow night. With a bit of luck it'll go live on Thursday!

"...the Alien threw the box down. It bounced but did not break open. (...) the alien hammered it against a wall. Jones was beyond sense, screamed steadily. The alien jammed the box into a crevice between two exposed conduits, began pounding the container into the opening (...}

1979 Novelisation - Alan Dean Foster

As you can see I'm not only sticking to my old ill-informed creature design but following the novelisation pretty closely too. I'm going to try and blend the two of those with the actual film version.

Prometheus: 3rd Viewing!

"Nice try Studio exec."

(Reddit reply)

Gabby and I went to see it again last Sunday. I swear it gets better every time. There's always something more to see. We were searching the screen around the characters for more details that we'd missed! The script has been slammed by countless viewers as weak but it's amazing what insights you fleetingly catch via what's not said - in the small changes of facial expression: Fassbender's a master at this. I posted about this on Reddit and there has been a massive response. I was even called a viral-marketing studio exec! Yeah right, me: a marketing expert.

It's interesting how the sci-fi-monster-movie feel gradually gives way over more viewings to that of a sci-fi-big-concept movie. Gabby and I were lucky in that we weren't expecting to have the mysteries of creation unlocked (it's a fictional film!) and so we enjoyed it as somewhat thought-provoking entertainment. Many people however were expecting either an ALIEN prequel or Ridley's 2001. I don't think it just falls inbetween but I rather suspects that's it's both, and morphs over time from just being the former. It's a tricky juggling act and I think Scott and the writers deserve credit for pulling it off.

A fascinating clue to the overall scheme of the possible 3 films was posted on Reddit: Scott apparently mentioned Paradise Lost as an inspiration and was going to call it Paradise. The studio suggested Prometheus instead and Scott eventually came to like it. It was also less obvious. If that's true it gives more insight into the overall scheme - especially when you think of the opening scene of the film (I won't pretend to be classically educated - I had no knowledge of Milton's Paradise Lost other than that it was written by John Milton! I think I'd like to learn more now.)

More, in a few days!

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