ALIEN comic page - the nostromo lands on the alien planet
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Refineries Detached! [04]

Brett: Academic, Astro Physicist

"Don't tell Parker and Brett..."

"I'm sorry. But, I'm confused..."

I won't give too much away yet - I hope readers. But there's more to Brett than meets the eye.

Art notes

There's a photo in the novel of Brett - peering quizzically at a piece of discarded skin that he's holding gingerly between a finger and thumb. Even at 11 years of age I was impressed with the costume design. That beaded looking trim around the edges of his jacket. With so little visual source material to go on, it was fun including that detail here.

brett discovers the moulted alien skin

Ooh Brett, you're so sciencey.

When I finally saw the film years later I was impressed with the design of Ripley's trousers - at the back - when she's walking away from Ash and he shuts the door on her. A very elaborately stitched affair. I don't know how functionally important it was but It tied in nicely with the set design.

The Nostromo here is a sort of Millennium Falcon meets Wall-e. I was ahead of my time! Even the robot in Short Circuit wouldn't appear on the radar for many years.

Yes, she had a nice bottom.

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