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"I'm telling you—it's huge!" [38]

"Sometimes - I think you're protecting the alien"


SKAK: Art Notes

The artwork in today's page looks pretty advanced. See Rip/bert? - or whoever she is? That's probably the closest we'll get to a likeness of Ripley in this comic, but it looks as though the hair was adjusted later to make it look more like Ripley than Lambert.

I'm worried about Parker as he nonchalantly leans against that wall. His hip is dislocating and he's sliding. Probably thinking:

"I hope she gets through that door before I fall on my ass and look stupid."

That's about it for today. If you can extract any comedy out of this page, you're a better person than me!

PS: Prometheus

One last thing: I've been reading waaaaay too much over at the Prometheus Forums recently. I've never actually experienced the build up to a movie online before. When the Star Wars prequels were coming I wasn't especially interested and didn't follow forums or the online documentaries (besides, the download speeds in Ireland back then were stone age dial-ups). I only looked at the Blair Witch site when I came home from seeing the film. and I can't think of any other film I've been enthused about except maybe 'Daybreakers' - and what a huge disappointment that was.

Ridley's 2001

Prometheus just might be a disappointment because of the excited build-up that's happening at fan sites, and the studio hype that this one might be Ridley's 2001! After all, this is the man who brought us ALIEN and Bladerunner. Also, everyone wants an epic masterpiece that will expunge all the crap in the ALIEN and ALIEN vs PREDATOR franchise. I have to pinch myself and remind myself of how rubbish Gladiator was and how rubbish Robin Hood probably was. Yes, that's right. I thought Gladiator was absolute rubbish.

Too epic to top

The biggest thing that might go against Prometheus is actually the fan speculation. Some of the story ideas that are emerging at the forums are fascinating! There are some good movie concepts on there. I fear that a couple of the concepts that are forming might be more epic than Ridley's own!

On Wednesday - flamethrowers and space-suits at the ready! (spacesuits?)


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