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"Parker open it!!" [47]

The Big Trailer

We saw the biggest, newest - and possibly lastest - 3 minute international trailer for Prometheus on Britain's Channel 4 last night. Stunning stuff. Tentaclicious! (I sound like our Neil Baker). My mounting fear now is that it's going to be the ultimate sicko body-shocker.Screenshot from Prometheus

Above: Do you think he might be Mr.Expendible No.1?

Ridley gave us the chestburster scene in 1979 of course - which was possibly unprecedented in a mainstream film - but he also went over the top in Ray Liotta's closing scenes in Hannibal. In the pre-publicity fo that one, they said the scene was actually toned-down because it was so horrible. (hang on, do I begin to detect a pattern? And signs of Scott's experience in advertising? Read: Marketing) I'm seriously beginning to wonder if there's nothing he won't show in his search for the visceral. After all, he described Nottingham Lace thusly:

"It is bee-yoo-tiful"

Ridley Scott, on animal guts

nottingham lace from the facehugger egg

Above: Simply gorgeous. Reminds me of my son's arrival.

Above all, I'm worried that Prometheus will combine every human neurotic fear - especially women's fears - into a giant nightmare-fest of extreme body horror; and my Gabby will be scarred for life; like the character Shaw - and possibly even actress Noomi Rapace who played her).

I might be going to Prometheus on my own, first time around.

Hey Maurice! fancy going with me?

Art Notes: Cracked!

Wondering about the Alien's weird dental arrangement? I took it as gospel, from Cracked Magazine that it actually looked like that! Well, what else did I have to go on?

cracked magazine alien

Above: From 'Cracked' magazine. It was a God-send (larger view)

In panel 4, I could well imagine the ALIEN uttering "What the..?" or "Urk?" or "Eh?" or "I say, what's all that racket? I demand to see the manager of this eating establishment."

Original Art

Good old Iain Snell recently stumbled across the original artwork from Cracked magazine's cartoon parody of ALIEN! it's fascinating to see the original artists' hand-tinted drawings and the pasted-on text.

The owner's a very lucky person. Oddly enough, he/she doesn't even know who the artist was!

More, as usual, on Wednesday. C'mon - that was a pretty good page?


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