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John White

is an Illustrator and Graphic/Web Designer
Member Illustrators Ireland (Formerly Illustrators Guild of Ireland)
Born in Liverpool 1968
Living in Ireland since 1977
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ballymore eustace, co.kildare

Ballymore Eustace, County Kildare

me in my bedroom reading comics

Circa 1978?three little pgs app illustrated by john i. white

Three Little Pigs App - 2011

three little pgs app illustrated by john i. white

three little pgs app illustrated by john i. white

As far as I was concerned, I was going to be an artist - of some description - and spent most of my childhood and young teenage years, not playing football but drawing and reading comics. When we arrived, from Scotland, to a small Irish country village in Ireland in 1977 it more or less coincided with the Star Wars phenomenon. This provided a wonderful escape from the isolation of Co. Kildare and lots of inspiration. By the time I was 12, I was pretty certain I'd be a comic artist; though I'd no idea how that could be brought about. By then I'd adapted Star Wars, most of Alien and a made dozens of other comics.

I took a first wrong turn when I discovered rock music and electric guitar from about 1984 on, but I still got an A in art in my final school exams and went to Limerick College of Art. I was pretty much a philistine, with some terribly embarrassing stuff in my portfolio. I just hadn't had the exposure to high - and pop culture that I needed. But, in my interview for art college I was still adamant that I wished to be a comics artist.

After the foundation year in 1985-86 another big sidetrack happened: I went to Dunlaoghaire Art College in Dublin to study film in the hope of doing animation. I probably should have stuck to graphics and illustration. Without any proper animation education or preparation for life after college I inbetweened Saturday Morning style animation for 5 weeks in 1990. I then stupidly turned down a rough-inbetweener job with a large Classical Animation studio and freelanced for another much lesser one until they went bust.

After wandering in the dark for a bit, but doing a small number of animation projects for TV, the animation boom - busted in Ireland. After '93, I finally did a couple of years of illustration for newspapers and magazines. I should have been practicing this, my first craft all along. That wasn't much of an earner though, and in '96 I enrolled on a web design course. I've predominantly designed websites but also identity and print design since then as an employee of various companies.

In 2010-11, whilst freelance again, I collaborated with Marino Software in Dublin on my most exciting professional project to that point: An interactive story App - The Three Little Pigs. A big illustration project which included plot brainstorming sessions, storyboarding, all the illustrations and some animation.

Since the economic downturn really hit Ireland in 2011, I've been back to working in Graphic/Web/UI Design.

But since then, I also created my new grown-up webcomic Between * Wars—a comic based in 1970s Ireland—and it was nominated for Best Webcomic 2015, by Irish Comic News (ICN)

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Star Wars: age 9

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

All of this started here - in 1977. On the bedroom floor with office paper, biros, markers and the self-assuredlness of a 9 year old.

It's dafter, it's funnier, it's followed by Official Star Wars Twitter and Mark Hamill "loves it!".

Yes, it's Mid-Life Crisis Pt.I.

The Battle (War Pigs)

the battle (war pigs) webcomic graphic novel cover

A comic which may - or may not ever be published. Made 1 and a half times, between 1981(?) and 1983(?). Yes, as usual, I took more than one swipe at it.

I get very excited about this occasionally, but then I re-read it and feel embarrassed.

The 3 Little Pigs

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

app store link to the 3 little pigs app

An exciting illustration project with Marino Software in Dublin. A fun interactive story App for kids. The narrator is Roscoe Orman (Gordon from Sesame Street - yaaaaay!).