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"Parker, get in the pipe." [41]

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How rude! In the novel, Dallas is the Captain, the superior officer and as such, he's supposed to be obeyed in all matters when he's on the ship. Ash even calls him sir - at least I think he does. He certainly does here. But in the book, Dallas doesn't really want that responsibility. He just wants an easy life and can't really be that bothered getting too pally with the rest of the crew.photo from the alien novelisation 1979

Above: Just a reminder of why I drew them in their space-suits.

Perhaps, being the captain of a commercial ship, he shouldn't be ordering his crew to put themselves in mortal danger. After all, it's not the army. In the end, he refuses Ripley the opportunity to get killed - because she's a woman obviously - and shows some real leadership by going forth himself.

Today's page is quite wordy, with lots of interaction between the characters. I suppose it shows how I was maturing. I was capable of putting time and effort into non-action pages. In the Star Wars adaptation, I often just skipped over the talky/non-shooty bits.

Calling all Web Developers!

I posted on Facebook yesterday about Facebook 'like' widgets. Are there any web developers out there? I'm wondering how I can get a 'Like' button into the site which actually allows a person to become a 'fan' with one remote click. This is distinct from the 'like' this web page button which are already in here (top and bottom). I didn't think it was possible until I was on one of the Prometheus forums yesterday and saw that they have a 'Become a fan' button.

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