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"Open the airlock and blast it into space!" [46]

Art Notes: Ye Olde Airlocke

"First Kane and Dallas, and now Lambert"

It's very difficult to date this page. It's a mixture of strong and weak elements. Interesting angles and lighting effects but with some poor drawing too.

gunnar elface of kultz

Gunnar Elface of the hyper-violent one-off comic strip 'KULTZ'
(Epic Illustrated -
June '81)

I bet this was after I saw Marvel's EPIC Illustrated magazine - which was a pale imitation of HEAVY METAL.

The pen I was using clearly wasn't up to the job. A biro would have been better. I don't know why I didn't routinely ask my mum and dad to buy me art materials.

Panel 6 looks fairly decent, but in panel 4, Ripley's doing some weird growing out of the frame thing like Marvel's Sandman!

Beautiful Industrial Design


Above: Z-Max, 3D holographic, laser-display, felt-tip technology

So this is where it all started back in '79. the whole 'The Company' conspiracy thing (and done to death ever since).

I missed a couple of things here though: Brash is not from The Company. And The Company (definite article) is referred to as "Our Company". Check out that lovely monitor! Let's just hope that Prometheus can recreate that look, for an authentic pre-ALIEN experience. Yes, let's silently, mentally join hands readers and focus our minds on Ridley right now... With the power of thought alone we'll influence his art direction - across thousands of miles.

(You can do it Ridley)

Story Notes

It looks as if I'd intended for Lambert to have already met her doom at this point but I changed my mind again. Perhaps I wanted her death to occur onscreen rather than off. I mean, to a young teenage boy, that'd just be a waste. Wouldn't it?

More on Monday - and enjoy the weekend!


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