Front Cover [c.1982/83]

Believe it or not, there was a second attempt made at adapting ALIEN. I'm guessing that it was the summer of 1981 or '82 putting me at 12 or 13 years old. This time I'd actually seen the film on VHS at a neighbour's house. During the same visit I was lent the HEAVYMETAL adaptation of 1979! When I got home that night - mind blown - I started to draw. In biro, and coloured with felt-tips with the Archie Goodwin/Walter Simmonson adaptation beside me. I realised then: "This proper comic illustration - in colour - is hard!"

Please forgive me, for never colouring in all that black with a child's felt-tip pen?

I could never finish it all alone. next »

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Star Wars: age 9

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

All of this started here - in 1977. On the bedroom floor with office paper, biros, markers and the self-assuredlness of a 9 year old.

It's dafter, it's funnier, it's followed by Official Star Wars Twitter and Mark Hamill "loves it!".

Yes, it's Mid-Life Crisis Pt.I.

The Battle (War Pigs)

the battle (war pigs) webcomic graphic novel cover

A comic which may - or may not ever be published. Made 1 and a half times, between 1981(?) and 1983(?). Yes, as usual, I took more than one swipe at it.

I get very excited about this occasionally, but then I re-read it and feel embarrassed.

The 3 Little Pigs

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

app store link to the 3 little pigs app

An exciting illustration project with Marino Software in Dublin. A fun interactive story App for kids. The narrator is Roscoe Orman (Gordon from Sesame Street - yaaaaay!).