(The Nostoromo search party are outside the alien 'derelict' or 'Juggernaut' spacecraft on planetoid, LV-426. We see the 2 openings into it)

1. (Kane's looking at the ship, wide-eyed) "Oh Jesus! I didn't think it wuz this big!"
2. (Dallas shines a light-bar of some kind into the ship) "This sure is a strange 'Alien' construction." he says.
3. (Looking around, he adds) "Heck, this is amazing workmanship!"
4. "I iz gonna find alien diamonds!" (said Kane)

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A Strange Alien Construction [06]

Alien Diamonds—Kane the Treasure Hunter

"I iz gonna find alien diamonds"

(said Kane)

Euww... this is embarrassing stuff. I can't figure out if Kane is meant to be English (a la John Hurt) or some Southern State stereotype. I do remember how exciting this was to draw though - as I was getting closer to the real excitement and spectacle of the story.

village school allenwood

Very similar to the school in Ballymore eustace in 1979

I was walking down the country road to from the house to primary school in the village one morning, showing the comic's progress, to best chum, John Skehan; and looking forward to showing it to my other best chum Niall Farrington. It was probably especially interesting for them as they too tried to imagine what this horror film - out of bounds to 10 and 11 year olds - could be like!

Art Notes: Piecing it Together

entering the alien derelict

Luckily for them, the class artist was on the job. I was still dependent on the Novel's colour photos on this illustration project and struggling to make something of it all.


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