Parker suddenly remembers about kane and dashes off to check on him
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"Forgot all about him" [21]

Review: "If you were an 11 year old boy who had (quite rightly) never seen the film Alien but nonetheless decided you wanted to draw a comic book version of it, this is EXACTLY what that comic would be. Amazing, and actually loads better than you would expect."

Matt Muir -


Yes, it's Chapter 4. Do you know, I just realised: we never actually had a chapter 2? That probably should have been when they left the ship to investigate. Must have been a lost page *sniff". I hate those. Oh, and another thing. We're still in the Red Period pages. Last week I said we'd seen the last of them for a while. My mistake.


Parker's getting drunk. At a time like this? Odd: today he's being played by Gerard Butler with brown shoe polish. I heard someone say recently that he has a face like a potato... Even more odd: he's getting drunk on coffee.

In panel 3, Parker remembers poor Kane! - and dashes off to check up on him - like a mother running upstairs to look into her baby's cot. He's watched (drunkenly) by some - as yet - unidentified crew member. I didn't really have much of a handle on the characters as we've already seen. Parker presses his face against the glass, peering in. Funny, the baby analogy is apt once again. It's as if he's looking in at a ward full of babies in incubators!

Ripley hurries up to him - but later, her name was changed to Lambert. Er, why? It's clearly Ripley, with that long hair.

Ooh... something's going to happen. Soon

More from the '70s on Wednesday!

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