The crew find the alien in the food locker and let rip with flame-throwers - alien comic page
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We're... fryin' tonight! [39]

Woah... Colour!

Glorious Marker-o-Rama! And - another bit that wasn't in the film!

Not only THAT - but check out their space suits! What the - but - how? Why are they wearing..?

photo from the alien novelisation 1979

Above: Ahh, there's the answer!

The Novelisation - my only reference in the small village of Ballymore Eustace - gives the impression that they don their suits and scour the Nostromo for the large alien. See the thing that Dallas is carrying? You can see it in my own page - as a flame thrower. Pretty unwieldy looking.

Cool Props!

Speaking of odd-looking hardware... check out the tracker devices that the art department put together for the film!

tracking device

Spot the stuck-on ice cube tray!


Neil Baker spotted the new cover image that was briefly on Facebook yesterday. I took it from the bottom panel of today's page. Pretty action-packed stuff eh?

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More, as usual, on Friday!

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