On B Deck/Corridor, the alien's acid blood has stopped eating through the decks.
1. ('Brash answers Ripley's question as to why nothing more can be done for Kane) "'Cause what you just saw was the alien's blood. But I've never seen anything that could cut through hull alloy like that, not with that kind of speed."
2. Ripley replies, "I've never seen anything like it myself! Most acids only attack certain materials! But this stuff went through hull alloy, surgical gloves, the medical pallet, infirmary bedding with equal ease." 'Brash' nods in agreement, "And that damned thing uses it for blood! Then again, maybe not—probably a lubricant."

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"And that damned thing uses it for blood!" [20]

Review: "Needless to say, the art (in Star Wars age 9) might not be the greatest, but there is still some considerable charm to it. Considering the age and relative isolation of the young boy in question I would call it amazing"

Dave Dempsey - fm4

It's brilliantly conceived, that Alien. The acid thing is just ingenious. How on earth can you kill something like that?

And how on earth did it pour out of the facehugger without touching Kane's face? Now that would have been a whole different - even more horrible - story.

This is the last of the red period pages for a while readers, so things'll get easier to read.

Art Notes: ah... the office stationery cupboard

It's funny, long-time reader T. Gatto made a joke in the last page's comments about being denied decent materials to work with, like black pens - or even black biros. I wasn't at all. Anything I used came from my dad's work. If it hadn't been for that, I'd never have used those amazing highlighter pens in Star Wars age 9, staplers (for that professional comic touch), or even paper - probably. Would I have instead drawn these on cereal boxes? - or school jotters? (Oh yes, I did a couple of those)

highlighter pen

A miraculous device!

I remember dreaming one night when I was 4, when we lived in Leigh, Lancashire; I saw dad walking down Chestnut Drive from work to our house and he had something for me - something amazing. What was it? It was indeed a wonderful thing: a load of old office paper, only printed on one side.

I could get this stuff, but I've never been good at asking for things

Work it Girl.

detail image of ripley from the comic

What a smashing (but odd) pose Ripley's assumed. What's she doing?

Limbering up for her Jane Fonda workout. Or was that the '80s?

More daftness on Monday. Enjoy the weekend. We're off to see Phantom Menace with wee Johnny. I'm pretty sure that people with expressionless faces sitting around endlessly talking about boring stuff is way more exciting in 3D.


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"You must read this - It's super-underground - it's all kinds of incredible - magic was made."

Peter Hall - Movies.com
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