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Ash, shut up! [32]

A brief note

This Monday update is going to be brief readers. I'm writing this up at 8:45am Irish time before I go off to work.

My neck condition has got worse recently as a result of the the work that I do at at the desk and computer as a web/graphic designer. It's been building for nearly 10 years and is making it harder and harder for me to do my work. I'll be off to the physiotherapist again at lunchtime today and I'll see what he says. I get pain in my shoulder and down my right arm and hand, and also in my mid-right back. Last week I was told that the latest symptoms of numbness in my feet sounds like an extension of my existing problem in the neck vertebrae. Not just a pinching of the nerves that exit from between a narrowed space between vertebrae - but that the disc is possibly bulging inwards and pressing on my spinal cord.

As I type this, my two middle fingers are going numb.

And guess what? I just sent apologetic emails to two more people who were kindly offering me illustration work. I just don't have the opportunity or energy to do it.

Help me out?

No - not with cash - but with 'comments'. I'm relying on you readers to fill in the commentary on today's page


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