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Electronic muck

Ripley re-activates Brash's severed head with a klik of that switch on his head. Yep, that one that they never noticed before - on a guy with a tight crewcut.

ash's innards spaghetti and glass beads

Ash's innards: spaghetti, fish eggs and glass beads. You think I'm joking?

Ash's innards were a curious blend of organic and inorganic. An innovative leap away from the ubiquitous « Fembots that we saw in the '70s! Scott, who'd also shot food ads for a living said:

"I wanted pasta, cheap caviar, glass marbles, and milk"*

The bitterly unimpressed Dan O'Bannon still said of the Giler/Hill rewrites::

"I thought it an inferior idea."*

[* From the book: ALIEN Vault]

Brash's big speech

So this is it: Brash's moment to spill the milk and beans. I'd have thought that this'd take a coupe of pages to really do it justice.

ash decapitated dribbling milk

But no, it's all over in a flash. And I'm surprised that - in this version - he says:

"If we didn't (make it back) big deal, I'd blow the refineries and make it look like an accident."

The Company must have thought a live specimen was worth even more than the refineries and their contents. So much for company man Burke trying to make Ripley feel bad (in ALIENS) - about blowing the very same thing up herself! She could, in fact have said that it was their idea.

Prometheus draws ever closer...

The clock is ticking down. Only half a month until Prometheus now. Are you half-prepared for disappointment? Or do you think it'll be amazing?

It's a film that actually had me slightly anxious about which cinema I should see it in. The Savoy in the dead centre of Dublin city is a huge place - massive screen - but you can't book the seats that you want. I remember seeing other movies in there from near the front, way off to the left. A bit like at the end of Bowfinger! The Savoy also has a proper cinema front, with the big red and black plastic letters hung on it (at least as I remeber it). In my mother-in-law's youth it was the place to be seen. It even had a restaurant.

savoy cinema

But we'll probably see it in one these modern multiplex places that resemble giant video booths, have smaller screens and lack any real sense of majesty or occasion. A bit like the way getting a plane these days is only slightly more glamourous than standing on a bus!

I'd love to see it at teh ODEON, Leicester square... like Casino Royale.

More, as usual, on Friday.


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