(Back aboard the Nostromo spaceship, crew member Kane lies in the Infirmary, with the Facehugger clamped to his face)

1. 'Back on ship, the creature holds on—and refuses to let go from Kane's face.'
2. "Where did it come from?" 'Brash' asks Ripley "Er, yeah, it was some storage hold and he wuz--" But Brash interrupts her, "OK—OK shaddap! How do we get it off him?" the science officer asks her! "We'll get the auto-doc to work on him." she replies. With which, useless science officer Brash pulls his hand away form Kane and the Facehugger in disgust, "Yeach."

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"Yeach!" The Facehugger... [13]

And we're into Pt.3 of the epic ALIEN age 11 (later adapted for the screen by Ridley Scott! Update: What happened to Pt.2? It must have been written on a discarded page. I hate those. *sniff*

Ash as you've never seen him before

I think I'm going to have to type Ash in italics from here on

It's official. Ash is the most useless and least curious science officer ever. I mean look at him? Tatty clothes, crappy baseball hat, scruffy unsanitary hair, sweaty. He looks like a grease-monkey.

So, it's up to Ripley to advise on scientific matters. And Ash, clearly, is okay with that. I suppose Ash's contribution was to put Kane on that kitchen table or whatever it is.

You know, I think I'm going to have to Write Ash in italics from here on.


The attempted 2nd adaptation - or 1982-83?

Just a quick thank you to those of you who are still reading. I published the later pages all last week due to popular demand. And I think interest waned (they weren't funny). They were the ones that I did when I was a bit older, after finally seeing the official adaptation and the actual film (I think) But! - the voters must be satisfied. You see, I don't know if you're aware - especially if you're new here - but like SWa9 this is something of an exclusive club. Only 18 fans on Facebook so far! If you're a fan too - think of yourself as one of the elite.

Anyway, the vote was a landslide in Aa11 terms: 2 votes and a 'like'.

More yucky ickyness on Friday...


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