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Ripley Eyes Ash with Suspicion... [34]

"Nothing on the tracker so far, thank God!"


It's interesting the way Lambert - of all people - goes forth, tracker and net in hand to find the alien. I mustn't have gleaned, just how weak, self-centred and nervous Lambert was from the novelisation. But that said: she's still hoping that someone else will find it first. A normal human reaction!

Dallas gives a tellingly half-hearted "Yea" as 'Ash' hands him the equipment. Probably not because he's unenthusiastic about the hunt, but rather, because his attitude toward 'Ash' has « changed.

Art Notes

Ripley's got short hair like Lambert - or is it tied back? (This is confusing!). Check out the wibbly-wobbly corridor. You know I could have learned about perspective and vanishing points and done it properly. I could have. It's just so boring, all that technical fiddling, when you want to just dash the stuff down. What we end up with is a quite organic looking corridor, more in line with the Giger designed Alien environments.

Flash in the pan

There's no doubt about it, this comic is only just doing better than SWa9! The Megaload of traffic and mentions and reviews » that it got a couple of months ago have died down to... well, sod-all visits per day. That's why those of you who do continue to visit and enjoy this odd website are so special. Well. To me anyway : )

I knew at the time that the attention would be fleeting, so I just decided to enjoy it while it lasted. I mean, it's someone publishing artwork he did as a child! I hope that serious comic artists don't ever take offense to it. I know that making quality comics is bloody hard to do and takes talent. I'm trying to do it myself now - and it's work.

'ALIEN the Illustrated Story'

clive of IMG comic

Soon to be re-published!

Did you know that this is being re-published soon? The original Walt Simmonson artwork of this 1977 graphic novel has been re-scanned and bound up into a special deluxe artist's edition hardback. It features lots of extras, on top of the story itself. Stroll over to its Facebook page ^ and learn more! I'm glad I didn't pay over the odds a few months ago for an old copy.

Going forward?

clive of IMG comic

Clive of IMG comic

It's more important than ever now that I get this original comic off the ground. I still have to finish that page 1 that I drew, inked and flatted 3 weeks ago!

Things get nasty again next week. Until Monday then: enjoy the weekend everyone!


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