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"C'mere, dammit!" [59]

prometheus movie poster

Prometheus is virtually upon us. Imagine my surprise last night when I discovered that it's opening in Ireland on Friday - that's today! The tickets are booked for this Saturday and I can't wait.

Because it's nearly here, I've gone back to the 3-times-a-week schedule. I had been worried that the comic would end before the movie opened - before the world began scouring the web in search of all things ALIEN related. That'd be daft eh? (To be honest, I probably should've started it around now - not last Christmas)

Yep, that is one horrible looking cat (panel 1)

Try breathing your own recycled smell for a change

Alan Dean Foster: 1979 Novelization

I'm not a fan of cats. I find them unaffectionate. They're users. Unpredictable. Scratchy.

I love this:
"What do you call cats' owners?"

I'm more of a dog person. Jones the cat reminds me of the Alien actually. Like I said: Unpredictable, Scratchy.

my day by jones the cat

Anyone read this? Looks like fun!

Toxic indeed

I'll tell you another thing too - you'll find this fascinating - and creepy. Discussing cats a few years ago, a bloke said his girlfriend was a scientist - right? Get this: she studied a parasite connected with cats. Probably toxoplasmosis.

So anyway, this parasitic organism that's harmlessly carried in the guts of cats enters the human host - yes, host. Very ALIEN eh? And apart from doing possible damage to the human host - I won't go into that - the really disturbing bit is that it then resides in the new human host's brain. Ok, not nice. But here's the really disturbing - really weird bit: The parasite can actually affect the behaviour of the infected person. Do you know how?

Mind Control

The infected host develops a liking for small cute furry animals - especially cats. Seeking them out! Hence increasing the odds in favour of the parasitic species' proliferation.

ash decapitated

Ash: cat lover, delivering his great speech on the organism:

Ash: " You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility."
Lambert: "You admire it."
Ash: "I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality..."

- Ash: on... cats (?)

jones the cat from alien

More on Monday - enjoy Prometheus!


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