(The Nostromo's investigation team search the interior of the alien 'derelict' or 'Juggernaut' spacecraft)

1. "Look, we either go down there, blow a hole in the wall, or find another entrance to this place." says Captain Dallas
2."Now's your chance Kane." says Lambert. "For what, Lambert?" Kane asks. "To look for diamonds!" she shouts. "Down here?" He points nervously down the shaft.
3. 'In a few minutes, a tripod was spread above the chasm and a steel rope.' Kane says, "Er, it looks flimsy. Maybe I'd--"
4. 'It was no use -- Kane went. And that was that.' (Kane descends into the shaft.)
5. "Okay, keep that same steady descent up. I mean down, er up--" says Kane, lowering into the deep hole.

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Kane Descends the Shaft [10]


"Er, it looks flimsy maybe I'd..."

It was no use - Kane went and that was that.

I had to make changes to the site over the weekend so sadly, many of your previous comments aren't showing - at present. They're still in the system I just need to get them to re-link to the pages. Hopefully it'll be fixed. The best news I can give is that all will be well from here on. Also, today's commentary will be brief (yaaaaay...) because I'm just stuck for time and energy. My 5 day a week job seems to be on my mind almost perpetually. Including weekends. I also need to to draw that terrifyingly difficult, first black line of my new webcomic - IMG - this week. Boy, will the psychologists have a field day with that one!

Art Notes

I still distinctly recall being proud of that second panel.

kane from ALIEN

An oddly reluctant Kane

Something about how that face came together so economically. It also reminded me - I think - of my friend Niall Farrington's style of drawing. Scratchier - a bit more feverish and expressive. I was also attempting with these drawings to get across the sightly foggy looking faces inside the helmets. I seem to recall that when they were shooting these scenes, condensation did build up inside the helmets and the heat was terrible for the actors.

Narrative Notes

An odd thing about this page is Kane's reluctance to go down that abyss. Lambert has to encourage him with the prospect of treasure. Also, do you see that hole? In this comic and in the book, I almost wonder if it was caused by an ALIEN being killed and dissolving through the floor and rock. In the film - to Giger's frustration - they just re-used the walls from the ALIEN cockpit..

"Okay, just keep that same steady descent up. I mean down, er, up --"

A little attempt at humour there. And trying to disentangle myself from the - as always - absolutely unplanned text.


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