'Conceptual' Design [1979]

It was a long time ago - back then in 1979, but I obviously knew that I was involved in the creation of a sci-fi classic of classically sci-fi proportions.

These pages bring to you - from the vaults - for the first time in the history of the world ever - the secret conceptual designs for ALIEN: Sight Unseen. Of course looking at these with your jaded 2012 eyes, you might say; "These aren't conceptual drawings. They were just done by some 11 year old kid who clearly hadn't the slightest idea of what the film would look like - or even be about! I mean, look at them for god's sake." But no, you'd just be very silly.

Feast your eyes

Yes, feast dear reader. What follows is evidence of the long, labour-intensive efforts of the the entire creative team to realise a mighty vision. A dialogue - if you will - between artist, writer and director. (Is talking to oneself a sign of madness?)

The most cringe-making one of all!

nutty alien designs with pentagrams!

This is a hard one for me to publish because it really is the daftest one of the lot. Pentagrams? A big wooden arrow? What was I thinking? All I knew of the film was its name. Full Article »

Body Dweller, Face Smasher and Cygon

I treasure this page! This came after I got a glimpse of the Giger book. Full Article »

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