Kane is dead with a gaping hole in his chest. The crew are in shock - except for Ash - ALIEN comic page
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Sciencey Stuff [30]

Prof. Dean-Stanton speaks

Oblivious to the horror around him, Ash puts down his guitar and decides to deliver a dispassionate lecture about Alien type stuff and things. If you're new to this comic and are feeling confused and doubting your own sanity, don't worry: I was the one who was confused - and insane.

Kane remained slumped in his chair, his head thrown back, mouth agape.

'What was that?' Brett murmured, gazing fixedly at Kane's corpse. 'What the Christ was that?'

'It used him for an incubator', Ash theorised softly. 'Like certain wasps do with spiders on Earth. They paralyze the spider first, then lay their eggs on the body. When the larvae hatch they begin to feed on...'

'For God's sake!' yelled Lambert, snapping out of her trance, 'Shut up can't you?'

Novelisation - Alan Dean Foster

Art Notes

mister creosote

Gluttonous Mister Creosote learns his lesson
- Monty Python's Meaning of Life

See 'Ash' in the bottom panel? Hands are the most difficult thing to draw. You can see how difficult I found it. And faces, clothes, arms, legs, other organic and inorganic objects.

I still wonder why I couldn't be arsed to even use a ruler. I could have done that and learned how to use French curves etc (I think that's what illustrators used - along with those bendy rubber things you can still buy today). Of course, it would have ruined much of StarWarsage9 if I had. The wouldn't be any of those blessed wibbly wobbly bits


I suppose the problem is that the artwork falls between styles. It's something I still struggle with because I've spent so much time working at design instead of illustration - (bloody idiot) - that I haven't properly evolved an illustration style and language of my own - yet. You can have the extremely precise Brian Bolland (of 2000ad) look - which demands every straight line to be clean and straight, or the hand-brushed and scrawly - and extremely expressive Mike McMahon look, in which you can get away with loads. I love McMahon's work more. I'm recently rediscovering it - after 30 odd years. It's energetic and natural. When you're young, and especially when you're male, I think there's a tendency toward showing that you can draw well. As opposed to the attitude of: I can express a thing, and myself through pictures in a personal way. My way - my language.

judge dredd

More from the '70s on Friday!

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