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Oh... Ripley, behave! [56]

Sorry Parker, not tonight

Not ever. Poor Parker. He got the wrong idea. Perhaps Ripley had said this, off-screen:

"Let's get some supplies, abandon ship, blow it to hell and sleep together for 6 months in the shuttle until we get picked up."

So there he is, gathering supplies for the trip, all thoughts of danger suddenly banished from his mind:

  • 5 crates of pink champagne - check!
  • Barry White LP - vinyl: check!
  • 1 Mink glove - check!
  • Paternity Insurance policy, a la Van Halen - check!
  • Bubble bath - check!
  • One large killer ALIEN? YEAAAGHH!

Not tonight old chap. Not ever.

Art Notes: Economical!

Hardly any work went into this page - at all! I wished I had that confidence now (or was I just blasé?) I suppose there wasn't any chance that people all over the world were ever going to see it. Oh, right. Er...

If it wasn't for Parker's headband you'd probably never even know that this is ALIEN!


Gabby got me the ALIEN Anthology BluRay set for my birthday yesterday. The first thing I watched was the Director's Cut of ALIEN 3. What a totally different film it is to the one that the studio originally released! Not perfect by any means, and a bit long, but there's much to admire and enjoy it. The story is quite different and there must be about 15 minutes or more extra footage - and story in it. Funnily enough, the best bits are actually those without the Alien - and those in which the creature is a terrifying unseen background presence. A bit like the original I suppose - and nothing at all like ALIENS.

More, on Monday! (the new reduced, twice weekly schedule)

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