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front cover of the alien graphic novel

1979 gave the world two graphic novel adaptations of the smash hit: ALIEN. One was excellent!

This - is the other one.

Author & Illustrator

A creative 11 year old geek in a small Irish village, c.1979. So, this movie adaptation was made by a child, around the time that ALIEN hit theatres worldwide. But!—it was long before that young artist would actually see the film, 3 or 4 years hence.

Creative References

Initially it was done with nothing but an Alan Dean Foster novelisation and its 16 colour photos as a visual reference, and a brief look at his uncle's HR Giger Movie Design book. Later, a satire by Cracked Magazine also helped—in some peculiar ways!

So, done anything else?

It's brought to you by the maker of the Award-Nominated grown-up Between * Wars webcomic, and similar to this, the popular Star Wars age 9 webcomic. You may think of SWa9 and Aa11 as mid-Life Crises I & II. More»

To you now... from 1979

the crew blast the inside of the food storage room and almost fry the alien. Alien comic page detail image Front cover of this alien movie  comic book adaptation The Nostromo's crew investigate the source of the signal and find the Derelict. Alien comic page detail image Ash and Dallas try to remove the facehugger form Kane's face. Alien comic page detail image Jones to the rescue and Ripley hits the airlock button - alien comic page

Made between 1979 & c.1984: experience a strange, funny creative patchwork--and youthful labour of love

In 1979 there were 2 Graphic Novel adaptations of ALIEN. One, by Archie Goodwin and Walter Simonson was excellent. This, is the other one.

It's a peculiar take on the movie ALIEN. Drawn by a boy in Ireland aged 11, in 1979, and revisited and added to, up to when he was around 16. That boy is me. And I've also added some new, grown-up pages to fill in the gaps.

A Unique Contemporary Document of the Movie...

...from the time when the movie shocked the world, by a kid who hadn't even seen it.

The First Book

Much like my other Star Wars age 9 webcomic, you'll see how the comic was made and re-made and added to. You also see some odd discrepancies with the film itself, because I hadn't seen it on my first-pass (I was too young!). Later, after buying the Cracked Magazine version, I added newer, more mature pages but decided to stick with the earlier oddities—because of the work already invested. I still hadn't seen the actual film itself!

The Second Book

After finally seeing the film, and the amazing Archie Goodwin/Walt Simonson graphic novel from the HEAVY METAL magazine publishers, when I was 13 or 14 perhaps?—I started a completely new version at A4 size, which I never finished. That version is more accomplished but less amusing than the first one. Take a look at both and you'll see what I mean. But first, start here...


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