Early Drafts [1979]

So what does a child do when he desperately wants to experience a movie but can't, because he's underage? Why, he makes up his own version of course! Nah, actually, 20th Century Fox were so disappointed with O'Bannon & Shussett's version, they rang a 10 year old kid in Ireland for help. So, allow me to present: ALIEN - as it might have been!

"Oh no, It's ALIEN!"


Enter: the Face Crusher! Full article »

Clint, is victim No.1


I'll eat it so! (How Irish!) Full article »



It's a mash-up! Extending the ALIEN franchise. Full article »

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By the same creator!

Star Wars: age 9

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

All of this started here - in 1977. On the bedroom floor with office paper, biros, markers and the self-assuredlness of a 9 year old.

It's dafter, it's funnier, it's followed by Official Star Wars Twitter and Mark Hamill "loves it!".

Yes, it's Mid-Life Crisis Pt.I.

The Battle (War Pigs)

the battle (war pigs) webcomic graphic novel cover

A comic which may - or may not ever be published. Made 1 and a half times, between 1981(?) and 1983(?). Yes, as usual, I took more than one swipe at it.

I get very excited about this occasionally, but then I re-read it and feel embarrassed.

The 3 Little Pigs

star wars age 9 comic graphic novel cover

app store link to the 3 little pigs app

An exciting illustration project with Marino Software in Dublin. A fun interactive story App for kids. The narrator is Roscoe Orman (Gordon from Sesame Street - yaaaaay!).