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A Distress Call? [02]

Art Notes

Check out the electronic gizmos in panel 1? Do you think this kid had ever seen the film when he drew this? A huge production design effort went into Ridley's movie version of ALIEN age 11 - but there's not much evidence of it here.

"Well someone needs our help so - "

Check out Parker, the surly - don't give a shit - looking out for number one - grunt of the engine room. But in this version, he gets delusions of chivalry! And he's being played by David Lee Roth! In Ridley's version it'd be more like:

"Well, someone needs our help but - fuck 'em."

*NOTE: We're going to allude to something that hasn't even been mentioned yet

In case you were puzzled about who Mother is - even though she still hasn't even been mentioned, you get a helpful wee asterisked note. So now you're wondering: "Why the hell am I being told this? Was it mentioned - but I forgot?"


See Brett there? Do ya? Fourth panel - yeah. That's what you think ;-)

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