1. Ripley studies a flashing, beeping console on the wall of the Nostromo. (BEEP — BEEP — BE) "It's some kind of signal!" she informs the others.
2. (Parker) "So that's why we were woken." says Parker, who is putting on his shirt. (* Note: 'Mother' is the name of the ship's computer)
3. Parker adds, "Well someone needs our help so— hey hold it! We're millions of miles off course. How come?"
4. "Beats me!!" Says Ash (who looks like Brett, in his cap, in this comic) We see the planet outside the window. 5. An unidentified crew member by the sleep chambers (X), pulling on his trousers says, "It looks like a distress signal to me." 6. Ripley leans in at him as he drinks his coffee, "I think we should investigate." she urges.

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Nostromo Receives a Distress Call? [02]

Art Notes

Check out the electronic gizmos in panel 1? Do you think this kid had ever seen the film when he drew this? A huge production design effort went into Ridley's movie version of ALIEN age 11 - but there's not much evidence of it here.

"Well someone needs our help so - "

Check out Parker, the surly - don't give a shit - looking out for number one - grunt of the engine room. But in this version, he gets delusions of chivalry! And he's being played by David Lee Roth! In Ridley's version it'd be more like:

"Well, someone needs our help but - fuck 'em."

*NOTE: We're going to allude to something that hasn't even been mentioned yet

In case you were puzzled about who Mother is - even though she still hasn't even been mentioned, you get a helpful wee asterisked note. So now you're wondering: "Why the hell am I being told this? Was it mentioned - but I forgot?"


See Brett there? Do ya? Fourth panel - yeah. That's what you think ;-)


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