(chapter) ONE

1. The cryo-chamber room of the Nostromo. The hatches have opened. 'Seven dreamers. Seven there were — 7 quiet dreamers in search of a nightmare!'
'One awakens' (bleep bleep bleep) It's Ripley.
"Huh—what's going on?" she wonders aloud.
'Another comes to life'
It's Parker. "Huh—why did the computer wake us up?"
5. 'Her name is Ripley. She has just been woken up after 2 weeks.' "Hey look!" she cries.

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Seven Dreamers There Were [01]

And so it begins. No messing about. No dark deserted corridors blinking awake, ventilation systems whirring into life and gusting into overalls and papers: setting the scene and building viewer anticipation...

Nope, straight down to business just like any 11 year old would do. They awaken, the alarm sounds - no time for coffee. They all want to know what's up with the ship's computer.

Art Notes

alien novelisation cover

My only reference!

I believe that opening line comes from the Alan Dean Foster novel. An 11 year old wouldn't come up with that.

Neil Baker and Tom Gatto over at Star Wars age 9 were wondering if Ripley was going to be hot in this adaptation. Well wonder no more lads! And this was before 1980s LA Poodle-Hair-Rock!

Incidentally, I believe this was to be my first attempt at drawing a non-white person (with the possible exception of Blade from Tomb of Dracula comics..

the nostromo crew in their cryo chamber


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