ALIEN comic page - the crew of nostromo are wakened from hypersleep
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Seven Dreamers There Were [01]

And so it begins. No messing about. No dark deserted corridors blinking awake, ventilation systems whirring into life and gusting into overalls and papers: setting the scene and building viewer anticipation...

Nope, straight down to business just like any 11 year old would do. They awaken, the alarm sounds - no time for coffee. They all want to know what's up with the ship's computer.

Art Notes

alien novelisation cover

My only reference!

I believe that opening line comes from the Alan Dean Foster novel. An 11 year old wouldn't come up with that.

Neil Baker and Tom Gatto over at Star Wars age 9 were wondering if Ripley was going to be hot in this adaptation. Well wonder no more lads! And this was before 1980s LA Poodle-Hair-Rock!

Incidentally, I believe this was to be my first attempt at drawing a non-white person (with the possible exception of Blade from Tomb of Dracula comics..

the nostromo crew in their cryo chamber

star wars age 9 comic banner