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"Quit buggerin' about" [33]

Well, I had my physio session yesterday and it seems that I can stay on top of this neck condition if I'm diligent. It might not be that my disc is bulging in on my spinal cord after all - so that's a relief. but if the tingling in the hand and feet gets worse - and constant - then it'll probably be neurosurgery.

Ash is a plant

government plant

Ashley Geranium. Man of mystery

A government plant? Where did I get that idea from? Did I think they were a military ship? Did the word commercial in 'Commercial tug' mean nothing to me? Probably. The words "the company" must have gone over my head too. Unless I was trying to inject an extra bit of conspiracy excitement into things.

I tell you what, 'Ash' isn't the sharpest tool in the box. Look how he tests whether the (cringe) Elektra Rods are working? BZZTTT!

I love the way they tested the zappers in the film. Harry Dean Stanton just nonchalantly jabs it against the ceiling without any care for company property. It was one of the things that set this film apart. These people looked as if they were in their usual familiar environment. It's like the difference between the way you feel on the first day at the office of a new job - nervous of how you behave around everyone, figuring out where the coffee machine is... and how you feel months later when a new employee arrives and you're showing them around as if you own the place. Cursing and putting your feet on the desk.


Well, as Ripley « said earlier: "There's not much else to do on this boat. Why? you object?"

What a strangely English expression: Buggering about. I was familiar with this phrase at home. My dad used it a lot. My mum would fuss about on the periphery offering advice such as "wear these gloves" or "careful you don't get soot all over the living room" as my dad was trying to do some task such as sweeping the chimney. He'd typically reply with, "Jesus - let's stop buggering about, and get on with it."

Or she'd offer, "You'll ruin the dog's hair trimming it with those garden shears..."

"Ohhhh, give over."

More, as usual, on Wednesday!


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