Ash is adamant that the facehugger is preserved for study. And lambert is delighted to see Kane regain consciousness - alien comic page
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"Kane! You're awake." [25]

Review: "...that comic (called a graphic novel, without any shame) has today regained the glory and fame it deserves, having been transformed into a webcomic. We thought you would be happy to know."

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FRIDAY This is the 2nd of only 2 pages this week readers. I've had influenza since Monday - and now Sinusitis too.

The eyes don't have it

I think Ridley made the right decision when he ditched the eye from the facehugger design. It looks ridiculous here and only a bit better in HR Giger's versions.

Neither the big ALIEN itself or the - er, next one that you'll meet over coffee - have visible eyes. Much creepier. Still branded into my memory is the old Star Trek scene, of the female crew member feeling her way along the corridor - and she has no face.

I haven't seen that since I was 11 or 12, but's in still in here (taps forefinger against forehead). Look at HR's alien in Species? It's got eyes. Looks silly. And the AWFUL baby alien in the AWFUL Alien Resurrection - has eye sockets. Naw, not keen.

ash awaits the chestburster

Ash wants to open his present. Hey! - where's his baseball cap?

Oh, will you hurry up, and get bursted!

Aww, would you look how happy they are to see that their friend Kane has awoken at last? Touching indeed. But let's be honest. Is that really what we're all craving right now?

Turn the page - if you D A R E........................

Ok, that's funny and all, and we all realise that because this is an amateur comic drawn by an 11 year old boy: it's probably not going to live up to the hype. You know, like all those crappy '50s B-Movies?

atomic x-thing


No but really, seriously: it ain't going to be that great.

Ok then, see you on Monday!

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