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"Christ! It's only Jones" [35]

It's a bank holiday here in Ireland - after St. Patrick's day. Bankers need a holiday too you know. It's hard work wreaking so much destruction on a country's present and future.

Sorry to say that I don't have much time for today's page as I was away since yesterday minding a family member.


I suppose you've all see the trailers for Prometheus by now? It's funny, the feel of the movie seems to change with each trailer and teaser that comes out. First it seemed a bit like ALIENS - a bit military looking - with scary music. And really awesome incidentally. Then the teaser for the new trailer felt a bit lighter - more like an adventure film - with choral music. Then the US trailer came out yesterday which looks pretty amazing indeed - and damned scary!

prometheus website

See the various Prometheus trailers ^ on the official site

Next thing, our Iain Snell posted a link on the Aa11 Facebook page ^ to the UK version - which feels very different again! Less scary - more sort of... romantic.

One thing's for sure, some of us will be disappointed when we finally see it because it won't fit our mixed-up expectations!

Von Daniken

chariots of the gods?

Should see a bit of a revival methinks

I was at my mum and dad's house yesterday and today and there are various Erich Von Spoofer Daniken books down there. Because of Prometheus' central concept, I was tempted to flick through them. Chariots of the Gods? the original exciting but nutty opus was missing but the sequel books were. It's a tantalising idea alright. But I'm surprised that Ridley's been so taken in by it. I think he actually said "Von Daniken got it right." I must say, I really enjoyed the BBC's Horizon series scientific debunking of him a few years ago. I'd love to see that again.

Just stop talking and sit down - now!

When I was about 12, I told the Geography teacher all about the book in front of the class (I've no idea how we got onto the subject) and my friend Martin C, who went on to become a scientist told me afterward that it was all total bollocks. I felt pretty silly. They already called me 'Spacer' because of my love of Sci-Fi. The book was also well over 10 years old by the time I read it.

Leafing through one of the books last night, after 4 glasses of wine I was reminded of the attraction it held when I was a kid. It'd be great if it was all true wouldn't it? Well, as long as they didn't come back for another visit - to sit in judgement of our progress as a species!

nazca lines

The original Nazcar race track in Peru.

Almost forgot...

Brett's in a spot of trouble isn't he? And check out the movement lines around wee Jonesy the cat.

More, as usual, on Wednesday!


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