Dallas and Ripley brace themselves to search the infirmary for the facehugger. Lambert bravely guards the door - ALIEN comic page
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"I'll watch the door" [23]

Review: "It’s a lot of conjecture; hilarious misspellings, and artwork a lot better than he gives his young self credit for.

Either way the comedic gold is in the commentary. His takes on pop culture and his own perceived young inabilities is the stuff hilarious dreams are made of."

Anthony Cisneros
- Life is Horrible . com

Go Lambert!

I think we'd all be tempted to hold up the rear, like Lambert?

It looks like some of this was copied (see photo - bottom) but like all of the 1979 stuff, they were done with nothing but the novelisation's photos to refer to.

"Where did you get those eyes?"

Lambert looks really peculiar - I mean more peculiar than anyone in this book usually does!

She has that, ahem - frankly offensive - old fashioned Charlie Chan look about her. Can you imagine what it was like for Chinese people to see that stuff? If we have any Chinese readers, feel free to let us know. Happily, my excuse is that at 11, I couldn't draw very well.

fu manchu charlie chan murder by death

My marketing dept. have instructed me to try try to boost the Asian readership! How am I doing?

Do you remember back in the '70s, all those TV shows we loved like 6 Million Dollar Man, Salvage, Magnum P.I. etc., used to have an episode with someone oriental in it. Usually they seemed to use the same actor whether they were supposed to be Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or Klingon. They probably thought, "Yeah, but come on - it's pretty good of us not to just use a Westerner with bad makeup. Right?"

"We don't whant it out."

"I'll wach the door."

One old reliable plot that they used over and over was that of the octogenarian Kamikaze pilot rediscovered on a Pacific Island who has to be convinced that WWII ended 30 years before. But hey, episode 1 of Salvage really captured my imagination: a home-made rocket and a trip into space... Nice theme tune too.

a face in the crowd

Superb! Video clip

Andy Griffith didn't just do Salvage and Matlock though, he was also - many years before - in a fantastic movie by Eliah Kazan called A Face in the Crowd. It was Lee Remick's first movie apparently. Well worth a watch. They don't show stuff like that on TV anymore though. Black and White's just too boring. The Core is on now as I type. Ughhh...

"What the hell has this to do with ALIEN?"

I don't know, but all this junk TV nostalgia stuff works wonders for Seth McFarlane's bank balance. Here's a picture that I probably copied for today's drawing of Lambert:

lambert comforts ripley

Oh, I'm tired. thank God the weekend's here. "I'll be a freeeeee man - in the mornin" (Andy Griffith - A Face in the Crowd)

More from the '70s on Monday!

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