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"Now nothing--you die!" [50]

(Apologies for the absence of Monday's edition. We're all ill and we were at a Star Wars convention. Wee Johnny has tonsilitis, sinusitis, two ear infections and a ruptured ear-drum - all at once. Scary stuff.)

So that was it :)

Some of us played Neil Baker's '« complete the sentence' game last Friday. It was fun, but now we all know what Brash was about to say. And it wasn't:

"Excuse me while I roll up a girlie mag and try to kill you by stuffing it in your gob. But let's be honest - it's weird - and it ain't gonna work."

Art Notes

Attack of the Mad Axe Robot

cracked parody

Yep - that's where it came from! Cracked Magazine

(Hmmm... reminds me of an old Michael Shencker Group song that Martin C and I used to enjoy jamming as teenagers).

It looks like I took it as wrote - once again - from Cracked Magazine that 'Brash' could feasibly find an axe - the kind you use for chopping logs! - on a a spaceship. A spaceship! Do Weyland Yutani Corporation's ships periodically make stops at forested planets to restock the Nostromo's fuel bunker? Don't they have - oh, I don't know - nuclear engines or something?

(UPDATE: Funnily enough, in Prometheus, Axes DO seem to be standard issue equipment!)

By the time I finally came by this copy of Cracked, the Ash character in my version was already being played by baseball-capped Harry Dean Stanton, so I just stuck with him, but used the axe.

Besides, it's less perverted than Ridley's version. Funnily enough, for years, even after seeing the film, I never realised that it was a girlie mag until I read about it.

Ripley—look out for that duck!

tomb of dracula comic page detail

I reckon the airborne Parker was lifted from the 1970's Tomb of Dracula comics. Gene Colan (prostrate thyselves) used to depict Frank Drake - one of Dracula's arch-nemeses - doing that. Drake would see Drac, shout something like "It's all over ancestor mine - prepare to go back to hell" in mid-leap (!); and Dracula would - as usual - deflect him effortlessly into a wall. Then, Rachel Van Helsing woud fire a wooden crossbow bolt at him: "Ha! - puny human woman. When will you realise that your feeble weapons are nothing against me - observe as I metamorphose into mist (as usual)."

They would do this again and again. Still, superb comics all-round

More on Friday - as usual!


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