(In the Infirmary of the Nostromo—for this later, version of a scene. I might have been 14 when I did this)
1. (We see the Facehugger on Kane's face. Copied from Cracked Magazine) "Ash, you shouldn't have let him (Kane) in." Says Dallas or Ripley, scolding. "I had to look at it!!!" shouts 'Brash'—even though he looks perfectly calm. "Yeah, I know--" Replies the other, resignedly.
2. ('Brash' switches on a laser scalpel, which looks like mini-lightsaber', and prepares to cut the Facehugger which is attached to Kane's face) "I'm going to make a cut." He says. Yeah, easy Ash. you might cut Kane!"

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"You might cut Kane" [17]

I've had to sacrifice the Star Wars age 9 website today in order to keep ALIEN age 11 running. My hosting provider shut me down today. A combination of a - possibly - hacked SWa9 site and massive traffic since word started to spread on the internet about Aa11 on Wednesday 1st of Feb!

review by peter hall of movies.com of alien age 11

I should frame this! Movies.com review of ALIEN age 11

Victim of my own success

God, what a time for everything to go blank - when the world-wide-web' spotlight is on you! My friend and ex-colleague John McDermott - web developer - tried to expunge the unwanted guest at SWa9 last night (!) but didn't discover anything sinister. However, he did upgrade and security patch it and move SWa9 to a new server. Thank you John! We're running again. Panic over. This site will also move the new host at some point. Pretty good eh? Sinister invaders - alien hosts...


Kane looks like someone who's pissed off the chef in a seafood restaurant.

Good old Cracked. I reckon this page was from around '81 or so - putting me at about 13 years old. It features a better visualised face-hugger complete with knuckles - instead just looking like some floppy '50s B-Movie prop. I tell you what though: Kane looks like someone who's pissed off the chef in a seafood restaurant.

Even though it was obvious from Cracked Magazine's brilliant artwork that Ash was NOT the smelly sweaty guy in the baseball hat, I must have decided: "I've come this far: 'might as well stick with it."

cracked magazines alien parody

"It looks like a 2 and a half pound lobster!"

My friend Niall Farrington gleefully told me that:

"They used real animal parts in the film..."

I think you can now clearly picture the look of an 11 year old boy revealing this gruesome fact to his friend? This made the unseen film all the more exciting! And, he was actually right. Oysters.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


movies. com review of alien age 11 webcomic

"You must read this - It's super-underground - it's all kinds of incredible - magic was made."

Peter Hall - Movies.com
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