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Kill me... [57]

The others werf too hanging from the ceiling inside cocoons -

Dallas still wearing his baseball cap (!)


It's one of those real cringe pages today. Yup we're back to that originally omitted scene. I have them hanging inside papery chrysalis type things. Which is interesting to me because I was surprised to discover or maybe re-discover since publishing this that the cocooned victims don't have chestbursters growing inside them a la Kane - and a la James Cameron's sequel - but they're actually transformed into facehugger eggs themselves. Maybe I grasped this from the novelisation?

detail of dallas - cocooned

"Dallas - baseball cap? What? I'm even more confused now!

"A huge cocoon hung from the ceiling, off to her right. It looked like an enclosed, translucent hammock, woven from fine silky material. It twitched."

Alan Dean Foster: 1979 Novelization

When Ripley sees that her crewmates are inside the cocoons she recalls Ash's horrid analogy of the spider's eggs hatching and feeding off the insides of a living host - and stops herself. This still sounds more like Cameron's version to me. I was always very confused about the Alien's life-cycle and I'm not surprised, considering the conflicting ideas that have been put forward by the first two films. They even introduced a Queen in the second one.

Fire Fetish

Most cringey of all is Dallas' excited urging to Ripley to hit the firing stud "Burn - burn" It's like he has some sort of 'Being horribly burned alive fetish'. It's never as good as your first time though.

Poor Lambert

closeup detail of cocooned lambert

Now that is just... sick

Poor Lambert isn't looking too hot is she? What a horrible picture. She's sort of missing on eye in a hideous skeletal fashion. honestly how did I grow up to be so pacifist? One of those pacifists who's sort of filled with rage much of the time. Maybe if I went out and shot some yuppies I'd be a more relaxed pacifist?

Prometheus bus ad

Saw the first one today. bit disappointed actually. There's the big head thing - fine, but then a row of heads to the left. All the primary cast. A pretty lame design a la Armageddon or something. Or even worse, a Japanese ALIEN poster from 1979. They felt that they had to show the main characters - and! - show that that they're really frightened so you will be too. Rubbish. Sigourney Weaver looks as if Jones is stuck in a tree or something. "Won't someone call the fire brigade - please!" Hang on, I'll ask reader T.Gatto to go and get his gun.

japanese poster for alien 1979

More, as usual, on Wednesday!.


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