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"We can't harpoon it, or it'll bleed acid again" [31]

Yes, the crew have already forgotten the little incident that happened two pages ago. "Hello? Dead body here - remember me?" Yeah, they've moved on.

"O.K. Brains.
Very clever."

Art Notes: Indeterminate Female

That sounds like a summer legal blockbuster based on a John Grisham book starring Gene Hackman or something. 'Indeterminate Female Disclosure Protocol'. It's a pretty good page today - lots of colour! And Lambert/Ripley/female in the bottom panel looks lovely. I think it's Lambert «she has those eyes again and the woman in the background has long hair. Do you think that lip-gloss is orange flavour? Yum.

Clever Kitty

Anyway... What do you think of that paw holding up the tracker device? That Jones the cat is a bright fellow - just as Alan Dean Foster implied (over many, many pages).

"Miaow - voila: one tracer gadget! Miaow. Don't everyone thank me at once. Dammit: Ash gets the credit - again."

luke skywalker in star wars age 9 comic

"...nice blaster, but how in the world is he holding it?"
"Yes, you're right! Who's hand is holding that blaster?"
Star Wars age 9

Norris/Brolin/Beardy Man

Dallas in panel 2 always fascinated me. It's «another picture of him that I could never put an actor's name to. He LOOKS like someone. Not Tom Skerrit obviously - are you mad? This is Aa11 we're looking at.

The hunt begins on Monday. Until then, enjoy the weekend!


movies. com review of alien age 11 webcomic

"You must read this - It's super-underground - it's all kinds of incredible - magic was made."

Peter Hall - Movies.com
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the alien movie logo cut out of corrugated cardboard!AGE 11 - SIGHT UNSEEN