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1979 & 82?

"We can't harpoon it" [31]

Yes, the crew have already forgotten the little incident that happened two pages ago. "Hello? Dead body here - remember me?" Yeah, they've moved on.

"O.K. Brains.
Very clever."

Indeterminate Female

That sounds like a summer legal blockbuster based on a John Grisham book starring Gene Hackman or something. 'Indeterminate Female Disclosure Protocol'. It's a pretty good page today - lots of colour! And Lambert/Ripley/female in the bottom panel looks lovely. I think it's Lambert «she has those eyes again and the woman in the background has long hair. Do you think that lip-gloss is orange flavour? Yum.

Clever Kitty

Anyway... What do you think of that paw holding up the tracker device? That Jones the cat is a bright fellow - just as Alan Dean Foster implied (over many, many pages).

"Miaow - voila: one tracer gadget! Miaow. Don't everyone thank me at once. Dammit: Ash gets the credit - again."

luke skywalker in star wars age 9 comic

"...nice blaster, but how in the world is he holding it?"
"Yes, you're right! Who's hand is holding that blaster?"
Star Wars age 9

Norris/Brolin/Beardy Man

Dallas in panel 2 always fascinated me. It's «another picture of him that I could never put an actor's name to. He LOOKS like someone. Not Tom Skerrit obviously - are you mad? This is Aa11 we're looking at.

The hunt begins on Monday. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

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