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"Take my flamethrower" [54]

It's Fridaaaaay!

Slim pickings today readers. As I used to say over at Star Wars age 9 - "You get the rough with the smooth here. You get EVERYTHING."

Obedient - gasp! - chivalrous Parker

Parker's treating Ripley with a new respect here. He's suddenly overcome his dislike of authority and his hatred of Ripley. In the film and the novelisation, Ripley is just a pain in the ass to Parker and Brett who refer to her as a "bitch". Now Parker's letting her keep the only weapon they have - to keep her safe. Quite the chivalrous gent.

A Plan of Action

There's quite a good exchange between Ripley, Parker and Lambert in the novelisation about their next course of action. (I've already killed off Lambert though!) They've less than 12 hours of oxygen left on the Nostromo and they have a dimishing supply of oxygen and food. Ripley suggests that if they stay onboard, try to kill the alien and die; at least they'll "die happy knowing that the creature will get its hooks into some Company executives."

Ripley notices the red suicide pills in Lambert's hand:
"I think I'd prefer a painless, peaceful death." says Lambert. That is - as opposed to trying to make it back home with the creature onboard - or trying to kill it. So Ripley suggests blowing the ship.
"That's your alternative?" asks whiny hysterical Lambert.
Ripley suggests leaving the ship and blowing it. There may be enough oxygen on the shuttle for the three of them - or they may be breathing their own recycled waste by the time they reach port - but she'd prefer to take her chances. (Besides - they'd all be asleep anyway)

Parker says he'll enjoy watching the Company's property blow to pieces from the shuttle.

Update: Twice Weekly Schedule

I'm afraid I'll be cutting back to twice a week from Monday as I've so many commitments at the moment. The end of this comic is actually going to take quite a lot of work too. More on that later. So Prometheus should be well and truly out there by the time the comic finishes and I embark on my next project. It may be one of the following:

  • A collaboration online picture book between wee Johnny and I - which is already mostly 'written' and drawn
  • The new adaptation of the original Star Wars - using old stuff. I can't resist revisiting this paradise of childhood nostalgia and quirky fun!
  • A comic idea suggested recently by our Neil Baker

More on monday - enjoy the weekend!


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