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Pg.3: Seven Dreamers [c.1982/83?]

Art Notes

Finally, off we go!

For a few pages at least. I was doing great - convinced I'd be a comics artist when I grew up. But I realised it was just too much for me to attempt this sort of quality, with my art materials. I'm guessing that I was only 13-14 years old. If I'd had broad studio markers it would have much been easier.

nostromo bridge
By Walter Simonson - 1979

Would my brain have survived the chemical vapours until I ever even got to art college? No danger of getting those anyway - way too expensive. I should have just used reasonable quality colouring pencils like on some of the Star Wars adaptation. Which I've since named Crayon-O-Scope.

kane leaves the sleep chamber

By Walter Simonson - 1979

The first two panels wouldn't have been possible without the brief loan of that official HEAVYMETAL/Goodwin/Simonson adaptation. Curiously, I seem to have taken two passes at the masthead/logo too. Looks as if the first was washed away with water and re-done. Not washed away with spit I hope...

Intentional Humour!

The bottom panel surprises me. I like the humourous looking "My God" speech bubble, uttered by a person not yet seen.

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