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What the..?

1979 gave the world two graphic novel adaptations of the smash hit: ALIEN. One was excellent!

This - is the other one.

The Author & Illustrator

An 11 year old boy in a small village in Ireland commenced work around late 1979. That's 32 years ago.

So, this movie adaptation was actually made, by a child, around the time that ALIEN actually hit theatres worldwide. But! - it was long before the young artist had actually seen the film itself. That wouldn't happen for 3 or 4 more years.

Visual & narrative References

It was done with nothing but an Alan Dean Foster novelisation with its few colour glossy photos as a visual reference, and a satire by Cracked Magazine that came out much later. He'd also had a few minutes to glance at his uncle's HR Giger Movie Design book.

So, done anything else?

Yes, it's brought to you by the maker of the popular Star Wars age 9 webcomic. Much of the artwork here is better - so not as silly! Think of them as mid-Life Crises I & II.

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Jones to the rescue and Ripley hits the airlock button - alien comic page

Let Go - Goddamn You! [68]

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Getting there

How long is it since the last page - 6 months? more?

I'm very excited about this one and have been dying to show it to you. Jones comes to the rescue once more - and just when it seemed the poor little fellow was probably a gonner, too!

The last time I posted here with a page I was probably still buzzing after seeing PROMETHEUS, the big geek-movie event of 2012. Now I'm super-excited about seeing the big geek-movie event of 2013: Man of Steel - tomorrow with my wife and son. He's only 7 so I reckon his mind will be blasted. Sometimes I wonder if most of the fun doesn't come from sharing the experience with him more than seeing the film itself! [But then again, he wants to see PLANES next week so...] Some day I'll watch ALIEN and ALIENS with him for the first time. Just think: he still has all of that ahead of him! Do you know, he asked me yesterday:

"Can we go to see World War Zee, daddy?"

Probably not, seeing as you're only 7 [...]

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movies. com review of alien age 11 webcomic

"You must read this - It's super-underground - it's all kinds of incredible - magic was made."

Peter Hall -
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Xmas launch

alien egg as a brussells sprout


exploded kane

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